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Employment Opportunities at Washburn Public Schools

Job Applicants and WECAN users

Washburn School District  employment opportunities

WECAN is our online vacancy application program used at the Washburn School District for Certified Teacher openings and some support positions.

WECAN has a new redesigned program. All applicants must create a new account in the new WECAN system. Accounts were not transferred from the previous WECAN website.

In the redesigned WECAN system, you will complete a new Standard Application, answer the required Standard Questions, and upload attachments.  Attachments may include: license, resume, reference letters, and transcripts.

Here is the link to WECAN.  https://wecan.education.wisc.edu/#/

Register if you want to be emailed jobs when they become available.

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Folder Math Specialist (K-6) 2018-2019 School Year (1 Files)
pdf file Math Specialist (K-6) 2018-2019 School Year
Folder MS/HS Business Education Teacher 2018-2019 School Year (1 Files)
pdf file MS/HS Business Education Teacher 2018-2019 School Year
Folder Adult Chaperones for Summer Wilderness Adventure Kayaking Camping Trips (1 Files)
pdf file Adult Chaperones for Summer Kayaking/Camping Trips
Folder AmeriCorps Farm to School Nutrition Educator Position (1 Files)
pdf file AmeriCorps Farm to School Nutrition Educator Position
Folder Early Learning Center Teachers (1 Files)
pdf file Early Learning Center Teachers
Folder Student Government Advisor (1 Files)
pdf file Student Government Advisor
Folder High School Golf Coach (1 Files)
pdf file Golf Coach
Folder LT Substitute- Speech & language Patholgist (1 Files)
pdf file LT Substitute- Speech & Language Pathologist
Folder Middle School Track Coach (1 Files)
pdf file Middle School Track Coach
Folder Custodial Substitutes- Temporary (1 Files)
doc file Custodial Substitutes- Temporary Employment
Folder All Applicants- Disclosure & Consent Release (1 Files)
pdf file Consent Release of Information
Folder Certified Employment Application (1 Files)
pdf file Certified Employment Application
Folder Non- Certified Employment Applications (1 Files)
pdf file Non-certified Employment Application
Folder Qualified Substitutes - Job Descriptions (5 Files)
doc file 541.6 Certified and Non-Certified Aide Job Description.doc
doc file 541.22 Custodian Job Description.doc
doc file Sub- Food Service Personnel
doc file Sub- Secretary Job Description
doc file Substitute Teachers
Folder Substitutes for Temporary Employment (1 Files)
pdf file Substitutes for temporary employment
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