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Educational Options

about 1 year ago

Notice of Education Options and Accountability Report

Washburn School District

According to Wisconsin Statute 118.57, Washburn School District is required to notify parents about the education options available to children who reside in the resident school district in addition to notification about the school district's accountability report. 

The following educational options are made available to Washburn resident students:

The following educational options can be found in the Course Description Handbook at the
noted pages:   Course Description Handbook

  • Early College Credit Program-Grades 11-12: p. 46-47
  • Gateway Program with WITC- Grades 11-12: p. 45
  • Discovery Seminars- Grades 9-12:
  • Independent Study Opportunity - Grades 9-12: p. 3-4
  • Advanced Placement Course - Grades 9-12: p. 49
  • Course Options: p. 16-45