Information and Links about your PDP

4 years ago

Below is information and documents that can be used to help you develop and write your PDP.  If you have any questions on your PDP please contact Andrew Grimm at for help.

·         PDP Information Guide – Information on Initial Educators PDP, steps for making writing a PDP, what to do each year for your PDP, difference between an Initial Educator’s PDP and a Professional Educator’s PDP requirements, tips and strategies for writing a goal, and a Q&A section of common questions.  

·         PDP Checklist – A checklist for what you should be completing each year of writing your PDP. (Please download from the Document Uploads link)

·         PDP Timeline for Initial Educators – A Timeline published by DPI that explains what should be finished in your PDP each year. 

·         Ten Teacher Standards – A list of the ten teaching standards based on the DPI and an explanation of each.  You must select 2-3 teaching standards for your PDP that you will be focusing on.  

·         PDP Reviewers Guide – A list of the requirements for a person’s PDP and what a reviewer should look for to see if the PDP meets the requirement or not.  Reviewers can use this to help them determine if a PDP meets all of the requirements or not. Teachers writing their PDP can use this to help them determine what reviewers are looking for in a PDP.  

·         Quality Educator Interactive – Link to the QEI website.  This is one of the websites you can use to write your PDP, update your artifacts and evidence, find reviewer team members, etc.  Note: It is recommended to use the bronze package, which is free.  There is a gold package but it costs money and the only difference between the two packages is the gold package provides tech support, which your school should provide for you.

·            WECAN – Link to the WECAN website.  This is the other website you can use to write your PDP, upload your artifacts and evidence, find reviewer team members, etc. 

·         Educator Licensing Online – A link to the ELO webpage on the DPI website.  Once your PDP has been approved by two of the three reviewers, you will need to finish your licensing process by filling out the information on this website and sending the information to DPI to renew your license.