Washburn School District Curriculum

10 days ago

The Washburn School District reviews and updates our curriculum to meet and exceed the expectations mandated by the state while embracing our unique culture and history of Washburn.

For an overview of the Wisconsin Academic Standards from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, check out this link:  https://dpi.wi.gov/standards.  For more specific information on each grade level or course, please select the Pacing Guides on the right (grades 4K-6) or select the links at the bottom of the page for our web-based program called Embarc (grades 7-12).

The Pacing Guides break down the state standards into quarters.  Although the standards stay the same from year to year, the order in which they are taught, and the resources used to teach them, often change in order to best meet the needs of our students.  Similarly, when you visit the Washburn Embarc site, you may notice courses marked "Being Revised."  Like the Pacing Guides, the course units, topics, and knowledge/skills are often adjusted to reflect the current practices.

If you have any questions about the elementary curricula, please contact the teacher or reach out to the Elementary Principal, Ivy Meierotto, at imeierotto@washburn.k12.wi.us, 715-373-6199 ext. 209.  If you have any questions about the middle school or high school curricula please contact the teacher or reach out to the Middle School/High School Principal, Angela Berndt, at aburndt@washburn.k12.wi.us, 715-373-6188 ext. 101.

Washburn Embarc Curriculum (grades 7-12) | Embarc Tutorial