About Us

We believe every child is an individual, developing at their own pace, through an environment where play is both explored and guided to meet their needs. Our philosophy is based upon the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS) and the guided practices of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). A Pacing Guide for development is used to progress monitor children's development.

Parents are key players in providing the ELC with information to help create an environment conducive to thier childs needs. Successful teamwork is important to us. We will work together to meet your child's needs.

Teachers are provided opportunities to enrich their knowledge through professional development on a regular basis through resources such as, NAEYC , WMELS, and WI Early Childhood Collaborating Partners (WECCP).

ELC Guiding Principles:

Why follow the WI Model Early Learning Standards?

Based on research and supported by evidence-based practices, the WI Model Early Learning Standards provide a framework for families, professionals and policy makers to:

  • Share a common language and responsibility for the well-being of children from birth to first grade;

  • Know and understand developmental expectations of young children;

  • Understand the connection among the foundations of early childhood, K-12 educational experiences, and lifelong learning.

Guiding Principles that the ELC follow?

  • All children are capable and competent.

  • Early relationships matter.

  • A child's early learning and development is multidimensional.

  • Expectations for children must be guided by knowledge of child growth and development.

  • Children are individuals who develop at various rates.

  • Children are members of cultural groups that share developmental patterns.

  • Children exhibit a range of skills and competencies within any domain of development.

  • Children learn through play and the active exploration of their environment.

  • Parents are childrens primary and most important caregivers and educators.