ELC Classrooms

Our infant room engages children from 2 months to 2 years. Children in the infant and toddler room will be guided to create and develop at their individual pace in a peaceful, loving environment. These children will learn through exploration of their environment by moving, socializing, and observing. Children will be continually monitored to ensure their needs are met. Each child will create a comfortable relationship with the caregivers to provide them with a sense of security, love, and bonding.

Our toddler room engages children from 2- 3 years of age. Children in the toddler room will explore their world through hands on learning. The developmentally appropriate toys and materials they explore will help them as they create an interest in books, literacy, building and creating, and music and movement. Children's progress will be monitored for continual developmental progress.

Our preschool room engages children from 3-5 years of age. Children in the preschool classroom will thrive in our center based environment. Centers will include literacy, math, science, sensory, art, blocks, dramatic play, fine motor, and many more. Through these play-based centers children will both explore and be guided as they engage in the developmentally appropriate activities. Our theme based curriculum and activities follow the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards and will allow for a seamless transition for your child into their next educational setting. Children's progress will be monitored for continual developmental progress.

OUTDOOR CLASSROOM The Washburn School District prides themselves in providing students with environmental education and the ELC will follow in their footsteps. Children will go outside daily (weather permitting) throughout the year. We will take full advantage of the school garden, outdoor classroom, and the woods surrounding the school. Children learn through play and exploration and what a better place than in our backyard! We love the mud, rain, and snow and will help the children create a love of the outdoors.