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Welcome to Washburn Public Schools


The Washburn Board of Education is pleased to announce a realignment of the administrative staff.

Dr. Thomas Wiatr will take on the position of Director of Special Education/Pupil Services in conjunction with his role of District Administrator. Dr. Wiatr’s 23 years of experience in the area of Special Education along with his vision and passion for student success make this a natural fit for both Dr. Wiatr and the school district.

Ms. Heidi King is being promoted to the dual role of High School Principal/Athletic Administrator. In the past year Ms. King has served as Athletic Administrator and Dean of Students along with her duties as a social studies teacher. She has demonstrated outstanding organizational abilities and has made thoughtful improvements in the area of athletic operations. The Board is confident that Ms. King will bring continued strong leadership to the high school.

 Mr. Al Krause will continue as the Principal of the Elementary/Middle School and Coordinator of the Green and Healthy School Program. The Board continues to receive positive parent and community feedback about Mr. Krause’s leadership at the Elementary/Middle School and is proud to have him serving in that role.

The Board of Education looks forward to working with this team of administrators and the strengths and skills each one brings to our educational team as we strive to both educate and support the students of Washburn.


The Washburn School District is required to locate, identify, and evaluate all children, with disabilities, including children with disabilities attending private schools in the school district, and homeless children. The process of locating, identifying, and evaluating children with disabilities is known as child find. The Washburn School District conducts developmental screening of preschool children in collaboration with area Early Childhood Centers and Child Wellness Days. This notice informs parents of the records the school district will develop and maintain as part of its child find activities. This notice also informs parents of their rights regarding any records developed. For more information please read the attached document or contact Dr. Thomas Wiatr, P.O. Box 730, Washburn, WI 54891 or call 715-373-6188 ext. 103



The Washurn Public Schools Introduces New Staff for the 2014-15 School Year.

(Front row) Lily Sandstrom student taught with Theresa Seppa last year. She graduated from Northland College and is also the new high school girls’ basketball coach. Marian Schraufnagel will be teaching science courses at the high school and has over 30 years of teaching experience. Jamie Coleman will also be teaching science at the high school and has four years high school teaching experience as well as six years college experience. Robert Jack will be the new LRC Aide at the high school. (Back row) Lisa Gilbaugh is the new elementary vocal music teacher and has two years prior teaching experience. Pete Oberhelman will be teaching social studies at the middle and high school and previously taught in the Eau Claire school system. Jon Kohlin is the new middle school math teacher and has 15 years previous experience in Mellen, Alaska and Portage. Please welcome them into our community.

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