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The Washburn School District is required to locate, identify, and evaluate all children, with disabilities, including children with disabilities attending private schools in the school district, and homeless children. The process of locating, identifying, and evaluating children with disabilities is known as child find. The Washburn School District conducts developmental screening of preschool children in collaboration with area Early Childhood Centers and Child Wellness Days. This notice informs parents of the records the school district will develop and maintain as part of its child find activities. This notice also informs parents of their rights regarding any records developed. For more information please read the attached document or contact Dr. Thomas Wiatr, P.O. Box 730, Washburn, WI 54891 or call 715-373-6188 ext. 103

Our mission is to enable students to enter the global society with the knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes required to be contributing citizens.


Washburn Public School Board Members:

Christina Sauer - Board President ~ 
Mark Sneed - Vice President  ~

Richard Avol - Clerk  ~
Colleen Geisen- Treasurer  ~

Roxanne Shuga- BoardMember ~


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